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International Refugee Law Course

International Refugee Law


No entry requirements. Start any time.
Home study, either by e-mail or post mail.
No exams, marking is 100% course work based.
Convert course into a Masters (LLM).
Download free course taster - Adobe needed.

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Course Benefits

For maximum flexibility, to cater for those to busy to attend classes, it is offered as a home study course that can be obtained by either e-mail or post/mail. It can be started at any time.

The advantages of it being a home study course are worth considering; for example, a student can take things at their own speed and not that of the teacher/instructor.

If things are not clear, a student can get 1 to 1 instruction from their assigned tutor without the pressure of the teacher having a class of 20 or more other students impatiently wanting to move on because they don't have a problem with the point that is troubling the student.

There are no exams to take at the end as everything is assignment based. Students simply send in their completed assignments for marking.

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