Law Courses in the UK

Law Course FAQs


Q. Can a person with no previous knowledge of law undertake your law courses?

A. Yes.


Q. Why do many of your courses offer 2 awards?

A. Taking a course is a time consuming investment and since time is money we believe that courses should give a student the best chance of realizing a positive result from the time and money spent. Providing 2 complimentary awards can help secure a positive outcome for the student.


Q. Can I speak directly with a course advisor?

A. No  

Q. What is a Paralegal?

A. A paralegal is some one who has been trained to carry out substantive legal work not specifically confined to the work that only a lawyer is legally allowed to carry out. The work of a paralegal is quite broad, it spans research to actual court representation.


Q. What is a Senior Paralegal?

A. A senior paralegal is some one who has been trained to carry out legal work that is at a more responsible level. He/she would expect to be given a supervisory or junior management position within a legal environment. This could be with a law firm or a legal department within an organization both in the private and public sector.


The main reason behind the school's change in policy has to do with a change in the school's aims and goals. Because we can see that the pace of life has speeded up considerably we want to focus more on short courses that can help people achieve worth while goals without the need to devote many years of study. As a consequence the courses we offer to the general public, even the LLM degree course(Master in Laws) take, on average, no more than 12 months.


Q.Can I pay my law course fees by instalments?



Q. If I want to take one of your law courses can I get a discount?

A. Yes, you can negotiate