Law Courses in the UK

You Can Request A Course Fee Reduction.

Does the course that you want to do cost more than you can afford?
If you received a fee reduction would you probably go ahead?
Have you tried our 'Request A Fee Reduction' facility?


For example, suppose you wanted to take our legal secretary course but, at this moment in time, could not afford the quoted fee of £379. However, after considering your financial situation you felt that you could afford £300. Or, maybe you felt you could afford the quoted course fee of £379, but found the monthly instalment arrangement too high for you. Instead of the minimum monthly payment of £94.75 quoted for the legal secretary course you felt you could afford to pay £75.00 per month. Then why not request for a course fee reduction?

Simply follow the instructions and guidelines below.

Work out what you can afford to pay for the course you would like to take and, then, using the link below, tell us what you can afford to pay and send us your course fee reduction request. It is worth noting that, although it is not a requirement, giving a little background on why you are making your fee reduction request may help us decide in your favour.

We will then give your fee reduction request due consideration and where possible accept it. If we feel that it will not be possible to accept we will make you a counter offer. Any counter offer made by us will still enable you to pay less than the full quoted school fee rate.